ARTA BROCH Ceramics is a brand synonymous with the perfection of luxurious, refined tableware. We collaborate with top designers from India and around the world to reinvent local tradition and bring contemporary consumers the best of innovative design. Through our various products that primarily aim to redefine the Indian fine dining experience, we are dedicated to using only high-grade material and precious materials. We believe these ingredients are intrinsic to creating works of art that extend much beyond functional tableware. 

About the Project

Arta Broch is committed to enjoying, reviving and sharing the history of luxury inherent to India. Inspired by Mughal architecture, heirloom jewelry and royal ornaments, our collection celebrates the finest of these riches. Our unique contribution however, is the specific way in which we have re-imagined these traditional designs for a contemporary audience. By contextualizing both regal,historic customs in daily modern life and India’s history within the larger world, our brand is committed to redefining and enriching the dining experience.

About the Designer

Michael Foley is India’s leading industrial designer who stands for the philosophy of inventive thinking. This has been a mainstay since his early education at the National Institute of Design (1989-1994) and at Titan Industries, where he worked as. Chief Creative Advisor. Today, Foley’s creativity spans much beyond industrial design as he carries his strength of innovation to re-define everyday and luxury products.

His specific creation designed for Arta Broch Ceramics is motivated by the desire to contextualize the traditions of Indian royalty into a modern world that spans much beyond confined geographical territories. The particular symbols derived from architecture, nature and jewelry that he is inspired by have the unique quality of being both unique to India yet connected to the larger, global world. Furthermore, the colors and textures that inspire these designs are drawn from a wealth of resources, including archival documentation and his own passion for watercolor as a medium of expression.

Michael works with a team of members, who sharing his vision, collaborated under the name of Foley Designs studio in 2006. He is currently based in Bangalore, India.